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Hello! welcome to my website!

Please read before ordering

(especially last paragraph)

These break-sticks are a powerful resource to help prevent injury to people and dogs. Professionals will have peace of mind knowing they’ve been proven effective and durable in the hands of the most demanding dog wranglers, and the pet owner will know they have a tool that’s safe and easy to use in the event of an emergency. The design has been adjusted over the years as I received feedback from some of the most demanding, experienced, and well-respected dog wranglers and animal care professionals in the industry.

I create these break-sticks for dog trainers and handlers, animal care professionals, and pet owners. They are for the safety of people and animals, and should be kept on the person or close by for use in an emergency situation. They are not for use in the illegal and inhumane dog fighting industry.


Cheaper break-sticks can be found online which are made overseas and mass-produced. These manufacturers sell their products to anyone and are often used in the dog fighting industry. I take care to ensure as much as possible that my break-sticks are purchased and used only by those with good intentions. This website is not advertised or promoted on search engines, it is shared privately by dog lovers.


You won’t find a product of equal or better quality with a consistent, time-tested design. The material is inexpensive and easy for me to work with, therefore I can sell them for a reasonable price. Each and every stick is made by hand, so that consistency and quality are maintained.

You can order and pay via Paypal or a credit card on this website. If you need to mail a check don't order from the website, contact me and we'll make arrangements.

Please understand that I'm a mariner, therefore I'm away from home for months at a time. For this reason problems can occur, such as communication issues or running out of sticks before I return home. I try to prevent delays but sometimes it's inevitable, and I apologize beforehand.

But please know that if you order sticks you will get them!

Your sticks will be sent from the beautiful western NC Blue Ridge Mountains!

If you have any questions or other concerns, please email me at:

Thanks! Barry

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